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Looking for C API documentation for GetResponse function.


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Checking the header opt/ppmac/libppmac/gplib.h, I got this:

/// Previous modal commands will be retained
/// The input string must have PMAC compatible commands
/// Note: Doesn't handle "gpascii" commands like "$$$" or "reboot"
/// \param[in] *pinstr  - ptr to input string
/// \param[in] outlen  - max length of output string
/// \param[in] EchoMode  - PMAC "echo" parameter which determines the format of the response
/// \param[out] *poutstr  - ptr to output string
/// \return 0 == OK, - == error number, 1 = ESC character was sent
int GetResponse(char *pinstr, char *poutstr, size_t outlen, unsigned char EchoMode);


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