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Hello @xuantran,
I believe that commanding out0 or j/ in any of the motors should clear the fault when the input signal is in a healthy signal.

You can test that doing the following

Sys.pAbortAll=Sys.Idata[10].a	// Sys.Idata[10] as Abort input
Sys.Idata[10]=1 		// Abort State
Sys.Idata[10]=0			// Healthy State
#1j/				// Clears Sys.AbortAll

In case that you don't want to use a real motor, you can use the Motor[0] for that, being necessary to set Motor[0].ServoCtrl=1.

Complementing the answer, as described in the Software Reference Manual, the "abort all" state is cleared after the abort input is 0, and any motor or coordinate system is commanded


Sys.AbortAll is set back to 0 when the input is not set and any motor or coordinate system is
commanded to exit its final “abort all”

As you have a NC switch, depending on how it's connected it might be necessary to invert the logic: ideally changing the electrical connections; or by software.
One way of doing by software would be something like this:

#define _AbortInput 	Gate3[0].GpioData[0].a
Sys.pAbortAll = Sys.Idata[10].a

open plc 1
	if (_AbortInput) {Sys.Idata[10] = 0} 
	else {Sys.Idata[10] = 1}


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