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F430-F Software License Upgrade


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9 hours ago, Marcelo Georgini said:


Yes, you can update your AutoVISION Sensor model to use OCR/OCV features. For that, you will need following licenses:

* LIC-0700-003 - License, Machine Vision, AutoVISION

* LIC-0700-009 - License, Machine Vision, Verification/OCV

Please let us know if you have any comments or questions.

Thank you


Thank you for your answer,

I looked up the prices of both licenses in my country, and they add up to just above the price of the MV Unlock license LIC-0700-325. Does that license include the OCR/OCV features or is it for another thing? (sorry but I didn't find any source which clarifies what that license is for)

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The MV Unlock license is only for customers who would like to convert a V4x0-F camera to be a machine vision F4x0-F, so you don't need that. I will also clarify that the AutoVISION license will include OCR functionality, but OCV requires the Verification/OCV license, so which you'll need will depend on which of those capabilities you'll truly need to use. Thanks!

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