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Increasing Analog I/O pins in a confined space


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I'm currently working on a project using a Delta Tau MACRO control system, but I've run into a bit of a roadblock:

Currently, the system includes a Delta Tau PMAC TURBO ULTRA-LITE Command card installed in a Windows Computer, an ACC-68M, and 2 ACC-85M cards, driving SGDV-R90AE1A and SGDV-2R8AE1A Servopacks. I don't have much real estate to work with for placing electrical components, so much so that I've had to resort to mounting parts transversally. I also require a significant number of Analog I/O pins for sensors and controls. Is there a product that is about the same size as an ACC-68M, is mounted and connected in a similar fashion, and can operate on the MACRO chain?

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There is no MACRO peripheral that does this but a MACRO CPU, an ACC-24E2S (to provide a true phase clock) and several ACC-59E (12-bit analog I/O, 8-in, 8-out) cards in an ACC-R1 rack would provide analog I/O over MACRO. This has six slots so you would be able to get 4 ACC-59E cards for a total of 32 inputs and 32 outputs.

8 Axis MACRO CPU - 3-3719C0-0A02-B00000

ACC-24E2S - 3-3441A-00-0000-B100

ACC-59E - 3-3494A-00-0000-B100 RTB connectors

ACC-59E - 3-3494A-00-0000-B200 DB15 connectors

ACC-R1 - 5-4269-00-0610-B0100

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