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How do I achieve uniaxial motion?


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I tried to restore a device, the Z-axis of this device is rusty and locked, so I only have the main axis and the X-axis now, in the bottom layer I only define &1#2->1000X, &0#3->s1 When I write the motion program, there is only code like G90G54XS1000M03X10F50 in it, but the executor does not respond, how should I solve this problem, please guide me, thank you!

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I'm not sure what you mean when saying "the executor does not respond".

Is the right coordinate system being addressed?

Why is s1 being assigned to coordinate system 0?  Is it a virtual axis?  Note the following, copied from the Users manual:

In many applications, some of the data structures with index value of 0 will not be used. Servo hardware interface      channels are auto-assigned to motors and encoder conversion table entries starting with index values of 1. Coordinate System 0 is typically used just to “park” motors that have not been assigned to axes in an active coordinate system.

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