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NC32 v2.36(1) ignoring 'Single Block' settting


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Running WinXP , PMAC NC-32 v2.36(1) on PMAC1 Isa Universal LIte, with Adv600 4-switch control panel.  All other functions seem to be working, but in both MDI & AUTO mode, all the codes execute, even though I have selected 'Single Block'.  Both the toggle switch on the Adv600 panel, & the software control button on screen will change, indicating that it wants to be in single block, but programs & MDI both execute all lines of code.

What did I set up wrong?  Or NOT set up?



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Firstly, double-check your configuration settings to ensure that 'Single Block' mode is correctly selected both on the toggle switch of the Adv600 panel and in the software control button on the screen. Sometimes, there can be discrepancies between the hardware and software settings.

If the settings are correct and the issue persists, it's possible that there may be a configuration or setup error in your PMAC NC-32 system. I'd recommend reviewing the setup steps outlined in the PMAC NC-32 manual or consulting with technical support for assistance in troubleshooting and resolving the issue.

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