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Power Pmac IDE stuck at loading solution projects


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I am using powerPMAC IDE When I try to open a project while PowerPmac is connected the IDE gets stuck at Loading solution projects.

The output says "Please wait comparing the project Robots.ppproj to the active project (IP Address in the PowerPMAC."

This only happens on the IDE on my laptop. I can get through this load step on my other PC with the same Power PMAC PC.

What should I need to do on my laptop to get through this initial loading step?

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I thanks for the reply. I have upgraded to the latest version but It still gets stuck at the same point of loading the solution project. Is there anything in the windows machine that is preventing the program to progress?

Screenshot 2024-02-28 151818.jpg

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Make sure to explicitly "Run as administrator" when running the IDE application (right mouse click). There can be "administrative" blocking. Also, try disabling any firewalls and antivirus as MoMo suggests.

Also make sure you are logged into the PC as the user that installed the software.

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I have a similar issues when I try to download a project saved in a drive different (a network drive in my case) from the one where the IDE is installed.

The problem happens at version
I didn't have the opportunity to check if I can reproduce that is the latest IDE release though.

Also, I should say that I don't have admin permission in the PC, so cannot test if it's a windows permission issue.


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