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motion programs trajectory generation from motor[x].ActPos

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Good day,

Is it posible to change the starting point of the generated trajectories from the motor[x].DesPos to motor[x].ActPos?

We are currently workikng on a controller that switches from position control to force control upon detectin a collision. We want to use the PMAC built-in trajectory generation by calling motion programs from a PLC. However, to my understanding the built-in trajectory generation allways start from from the current desired position (motor[x].DesPos) and not the current actual position (motor[x].ActPos). Since we will be colliding, there is going to be a big difference between actual and desired position, making subsecuentent moves hard to achive. 

Example with image bellow:

1- Excecute Motion program 1 to move the tooltip to Xcmd (red). Since there is a collision, engage force controll and aply constant force to the colliding surface. Therfore tooltip actual position X (blue) will stop following Xcmd.

2- Excecute Motion program 2 to move the retrieve the tooltip. If the trajectory to follow starts at Xcmd (green), the position controller will try to penetrate the solid we are colliding with.




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