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SerialEncDataB Acc84E bits


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I'd like to have a shorthand way to look at the bits in SerialEncDataB, for example looking at the CRC bit etc.  I thought something like this might work, but it doesn't seem to.  Is there a good way to do this without having to do all of the bit shifting in a PLC?


#define LENC1CRC Acc84E[0].Chan[0].SerialEncDataB.22.1

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A user shared memory address could be used to hold the value of Acc84E[0].Chan[0].SerialEncDataB, and then individual bits in the user shared memory addresses could be accessed.

For example:

u.user:$3000 = Acc84E[0].Chan[0].SerialEncDataB

ptr LENC1CRC->u.user:$3000.4.1 // for reading bit 4

See under the headings User Shared Memory Buffer Variables and M-Variable Access  in the Power PMAC Users manual for details.


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