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[/b][quote='sbrun' pid='302' dateline='1265107265'] Usually I use Pewin32 under an administrator account. How to use it under a user (no administrator) account with XP-sp3, with Vista ? [/quote] This particular issue is discussed in the manual for Pewin32 pro2. You can get to this by opening the Pewin32 Pro2 Application and then go to help menu and select Driver Installation Notes. Read the instruction under Troubleshooting the Driver Configuration. I am also attaching the same section. -------------------------------------------------------- Troubleshooting the Driver Configuration This section covers the issues of communication, firmware download and others related to changing the card. Registry Issues under Windows 2000 and XP Part I Give the appropriate group or user the right to load and unload device drivers in Windows XP (classic view is required) or Windows 2000. 1. Log on to Windows with administrator rights. 2. Open the Start Menu, go to the Settings Menu Item, and then open the Control Panel. 3. Next open the Administrative Tools. 4. Next open the Local Security Policy. 5. From the Local Security Settings window, expand the Local Policies Tree. 6. Click the User Rights Assignment folder. 7. In the windowpane on the right side, double click the Load and Unload Device Drivers policy setting. This will open the Local Security Policy Setting window. 8. Click the Add button in the dialog box and add whatever group or user that will have the capability to load and unload the drivers (that is anyone who will run software that communicates to Delta Tau Hardware). Part II Give the appropriate group or user the right to read and write to the HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE/ System/CurrentControlSet/Services/PMAC key 1. From the Run menu, execute the program REGEDT32.EXE in Windows 2000 or REGEDIT.EXE in Windows XP. 2. From the Windows pull-down menu in the registry editor, select HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE. (This step applies only to Windows 2000. Skip this step for XP.) 3. Expand the tree in the left panel to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE/System/CurrentControlSet/ Services/PMAC. 4. Highlight the PMAC key in the left panel. 5. Click the Security Menu item in the Registry Editor. Then select Permissions from the menu in Windows 2000. In Windows XP, the Permission option is in the Edit menu. 6. The Permissions for the PMAC dialog box will display. From that window, click the Add button and then select the group or user to run Delta Tau Software. Note: Under XP, if the Select Device from Pewin32PRO or the application cannot see a COM port, locate the HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE/Hardware/DeviceMap/ SerialComm key and give permission to all users to have full control over this key and all entries in it.
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