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Position reporting from a PLC


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For the Turbo PMAC there was an Technical Note "Position Reporting PLC programs.pdf" that described how to calculate net position from all of the position offsets.


see below :



What would be the equivalent formular for the PPMAC position reporting ?





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In Power PMAC, the net position for Motor x (I will call it "Motor[x].NetPos" although there is no structure name for that) is as follows:


Motor[x].NetPos = Motor[x].ActPos - Motor[x].HomePos - Motor[x].MasterPos*((Motor[x].MasterCtrl & 2) >> 1)


Please note that Motor[x].ActPos in Power PMAC differs from Turbo PMAC in that position compensation is included in the register; i.e.:


Motor[x].ActPos = Motor[x].Pos + Motor[x].CompPos


Note that you can dynamically write to Motor[x].CompPos for algorithmic compensation if desired.


Furthermore, ((Motor[x].MasterCtrl & 2) >> 1) is the offset mode bit; i.e., bit 1 of Motor[x].MasterCtrl (please refer to the description of Motor[x].MasterCtrl in the Power PMAC Saved Data Structure Elements manual for more details).

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