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lookahead status


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I am running a motion program to move 2 axes in a coordinate system.


I have define the LookAhead to 10000 and setup the move as follow






F(1) //; ( Engineering Units / sec )


//; move the Axes

X(2) Y(-2)

//; wait for move to complete



The Coord status does not show the LookAheadActive being true at all.


If I delete the LookAhead and run the same program It seems to act the same as with the LookAhead defined.


How can I determine if my lookahead is actualy running ?


Should the Coord[1].LookAheadActive be true for the entire move ?




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Did you enable segmentation? To use special lookahead, you must set Coord[x].SegMoveTime > 0. You must also set Coord[x].LHDistance > 0. Please refer to the Power PMAC Saved Data Structure Elements manual for more details.


Thanks Charles !


It was my LHDistance was set to 0


Why dosen't the LHDistance show up in the Coordinate System Setup Variables display?




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