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Hi there,


I search to create a system with that configuration:

Axe 1 goes from 0 to 360° and could make many round, but I can ask for any time to go to 0 to an other end position without make the roll in the other displacement.


I ask first to go from 0° to 1 round plus 40° (=400°). After if I ask for go to 30°, the motor have only to do -10°.


Axe 2 goes from -5 to 185°, and goes never from 185° to 355°.


Can I program that complex system easily with the PMAC system?

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Yes. Define your motor as a rotary axis (axis A, B, C) and then set Ixx27 appropriately depending on the functionality you want for rolling over.


For example, to set motor 1 to axis A:


I15=0 ; Trigonometric functions in degrees
Undefine All ; Undefine coordinate systems
&1 ; Coordinate system 1
#1->5.56A ; 5.56 counts per degree for Motor 1->Axis A
I127=360 ; Absolute position programming, roll over at 360 degrees


Please check the Turbo PMAC Software Reference Manual, page 88, for more details on setting Ixx27 to switch between incremental or absolute programming on the rotary axis. For example, setting Ixx27 to a negative number will allow you to specify the direction of rotation with the sign on the move distance programmed into the PMAC motion program.

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