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Pcomm32W.dll and memory leak


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I make an application using PCOMM32W.DLL to communicate with a GEOBRICK.


I'm using wxWidget library, I can load the PCOMM32W.DLL ( at this point PcommServer.exe is starting ).


Communication with GEOBRICK seems OK but each time I'm doing a GetResponse ( or GetResponseA, or GetResponseEx or GetResponseAEx ) the memory used by my aplication is increased by 4Ko !


Here the prototyping of the dll function I use:


typedef long (_stdcall * GETRESPONSEEXA)(DWORD dwDevice,char* resp,UINT maxchar,const char* quest);



And here my function to read the GEOBRICK:

int IPmacDevice::GetResponseExA(long dwDevice, wxString* resp, wxString quest)


int ret;

char ch_responsebuffer[MAX_RESPONSELEN];



ret = pfnPmacGetResponseExA(dwDevice, ch_responsebuffer , MAX_RESPONSELEN, quest.mb_str());


*resp = wxString::From8BitData(ch_responsebuffer);


return ret;




If someone have a clue to avoid this memory lead, help will be appreciate !!



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