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ABS mode with X and Y axes


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I have a system with motor #1 which control X and Y axis and motor #2 which control Y axis.

The coordinate system is : #1-> 8000X and #2-> -8000X+8000Y

But I want control my system as a rotation system, like it is possible with A and B (I want command my axis as angles and roll-over when I want).

But as it was already said I can't make a CS like #1-> 8000A and #2->-8000A+8000B.


With #1-> 8000X and #2-> -8000X+8000Y, when I ask, at home position, in a motion program, X(370), it's make a complete round plus 10 degrees, but I want the shortest move (a move of -10 degrees in this example, like when I command A(370) with roll-over enabled).

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If you want to do custom axis definitions that PMAC normally does not allow or understand, you can just define your motors to use kinematics as such:




Then you can configure whatever relationship between motor and axis that you want in your kinematics subroutines.


Please refer to the Power PMAC Coordinate Systems manual, Coordinate-System Kinematic Subroutines section (page 8 and following on latest version) for more information on setting up kinematics.

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