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DT PWM Amplifier faults not clearing


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I'm using several Delta Tau PWM drives with our Power Pmac system. Occasionally the motor[x].AmpFault flag will stay set even though the drives are not indicating any faults (LED display = 0). This normally happens after I hit estop and the amps get a low voltage fault ("L"). Most of the time they'll clear when the motors are re-enabled, but sometimes the ampfault flag stays set after the drive re-enables.


The only way I can get the AmpFault flag to clear is to $$$ the Pmac. Is there a way to clear the fault flags w/o rebooting?


My control PLCs monitor the AmpFault flags and won't let the machine run if they're set.




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The status structure Motor[x].AmpFault latches once an amplifier fault is detected. Power PMAC checks the status of amplifier fault for clearing the amp fault flag upon setting the amp enable flag. In order to clear the flag, try sending a #nout0 where n is the motor number (in script PLC/PROG you can use COUT command) , before closing the loop on the motors. This will force zero output to the amplifier. Be careful with vertical axis, since this will enable the amplifier without closing the servo loop and it can cause the vertical axis to drop if the brake is not engaged.




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