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ask help, how replace ACC-68M


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This unit must be returned to Delta Tau for repair - it is not field serviceable. A Returns Material Authorization (RMA) form is required for all product returns. Please complete a Repair Request form at http://www.deltatau.com/common/topbar/repairrequestform.pdf and fax it to (818) 700-5748 or E-mail to repairs@deltatau.com. Use my name (Steve Milici - smilici@deltatau.com) for the engineer contact.


Or, go to www.deltatau.com and “SUPPORT” menu then “Repair Request” to download the form.


Our Repair Department will contact you with costs, shipping instructions and the RMA number after sending in the form.


Phone (Repair Department): (818) 717-5648

Fax (Repair Department): (818) 700-5748

E-mail (Repair Department): repairs@deltatau.com


For the RMA to process you must supply at least the following information in the 28A form:

1. Company Name and Address:

2. Ship to:

3. Name of Contact:

4. Phone Number:

5. PO#: (call for limits 818-717-5648)

6. Product Type/OPT(s):

7. Serial Number(s):

8. Comments: (description of the problem)

9. Engineer contact (use my name: Steve Milici - smilici@deltatau.com)



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The following solution is for MACRO peripherals which can still be powered up and communicated to through USB/Serial port and it is for saving their configuration as a file on a PC and restoring it to another device.


If you can power up the device and connect it to a PC, through serial or USB port then we can transfer the settings from one MACRO peripheral to another one. If you connect using USB port on the peripheral, then you need to use the following driver.


Connect a USB cable between the MACRO Peripheral and your PC. The USB device on the MACRO peripheral is a Serial Com RS-232 emulator and it should show up under device manage of windows as a Com port. Check the device manage to make sure you know the Com port number.


If your computer doesn't have the correct drivers for the USB<->Serial device, you can try downloading the latest driver from here. I have included a copy of the file here too.


CDM 2.04.06 WHQL Certified.zip


Once the Com port is up and running, download and install the MACRO maintenance program:


(NOTE: This program is not a product and should be used as is and there is no support or update for it)



Once installed, run the program and select the proper COM port and follow the on screen instructions to save/restore the settings on your MACRO peripheral.


Macro Configure.zip


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