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Need help with motor x home offset


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I would like to set the motor x home offset, but I couldn't not quite figure out how. Can someone please help me with that?

According to the the "PMAC Software Reference Manual", setting the motor x home offset is done by setting the variable Ix26. However homing motor x after setting Ix26 to something different then zero still moves motor x to position zero. So I found another thread on this forum (http://forums.deltatau.com/showthread.php?tid=291&pid=728&mode=threaded) saying that I must set the variables I7022 and I7023, too. However, looking them up in the manual, I got confused. So here's what I want to do:

I want to make the current position of the motor the home position. So I'm retrieving the current position of motor x (command #xP) and set Ix26 to this value * 16. Now I move motor x to a different position. Afterwards I home motor x (command #xHM).

To which values would I have to set I7022 and I7023 so motor x moves to the home offset position instead of zero and why?


According to the TYPE command, I'm using a PMAC Turbo2. PEWIN gives me that:


Turbo2, X8


Thank you for your help!

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The procedure for setting Ixx26 is as such:


  1. Home the motor without any offset.
  2. Store the home position (Mxx62/(Ixx08*32)) in a P-Variable.
  3. Position the motor (either by hand or with jog commands) to the location to which you want the motor to return after homing.
  4. Store this position in a P-Variable (Mxx62/(Ixx08*32)).
  5. Set Ixx26 equal to that position multiplied by 16.


Below is a PLC I wrote that will do this for motors 1-4 for you. It will home motors 1-4, then kill motors 1-4 and wait for the user to position the motors as desired. Then, the user sets P1004=1 and the PLC will set the home offsets to that location and then home the motors again:


//******* Setup and Definitions *******//
M133->X:$0000B0,13,1 ; #1 Desired-velocity-zero bit
M140->Y:$0000C0,0,1 ; #1 Background in-position bit
M145->Y:$0000C0,10,1 ; #1 Home-complete bit
M162->D:$00008B ; #1 Actual position (1/[ixx08*32] cts)

M233->X:$000130,13,1 ; #2 Desired-velocity-zero bit
M240->Y:$000140,0,1 ; #2 Background in-position bit
M245->Y:$000140,10,1 ; #2 Home-complete bit
M262->D:$00010B ; #2 Actual position (1/[ixx08*32] cts)

M333->X:$0001B0,13,1 ; #3 Desired-velocity-zero bit
M340->Y:$0001C0,0,1 ; #3 Background in-position bit
M345->Y:$0001C0,10,1 ; #3 Home-complete bit
M362->D:$00018B ; #3 Actual position (1/[ixx08*32] cts)

M433->X:$000230,13,1 ; #4 Desired-velocity-zero bit
M440->Y:$000240,0,1 ; #4 Background in-position bit
M445->Y:$000240,10,1 ; #4 Home-complete bit
M462->D:$00020B ; #4 Actual position (1/[ixx08*32] cts)

#define Mtr1HomePos								P1000
#define Mtr2HomePos								P1001
#define Mtr3HomePos								P1002
#define Mtr4HomePos								P1003
#define DesiredMotorPositionFlag	P1004
#define PLC_12_Running						P1005
#define Mtr1HomeOffset						I126
#define Mtr2HomeOffset						I226
#define Mtr3HomeOffset						I326
#define Mtr4HomeOffset						I426

//******* Program *******//
Open PLC 12 Clear
PLC_12_Running = 1
DesiredMotorPositionFlag = 0	;	 Initialize the flag to 0

// Home motors 1 - 4
I5111 = 2 While(I5111 > 0) EndWhile	; Force the command to execute

// Wait for all 4 motors to home
While(M133 = 0 or M140 = 0 or M145 = 0 or M233 = 0 or M240 = 0 or M245 = 0 or M333 = 0 or M340 = 0 or M345 = 0 or M433 = 0 or M440 = 0 or M445 = 0) EndWhile
I5112=500*8388608/I10 While (I5112>0) EndW ; 1/2 second delay

// Record home positions
Mtr1HomePos = M162/(I108*32)
Mtr2HomePos = M262/(I208*32)
Mtr3HomePos = M362/(I308*32)
Mtr4HomePos = M462/(I408*32)

// Kill motors 1 - 4
I5111 = 2 While(I5111 > 0) EndWhile	; Force the command to execute
// Wait for user to position the motors as desired
// User must set DesiredMotorPositionFlag = 1 to continue the PLC
While(DesiredMotorPositionFlag = 0)EndWhile

// Set home offsets
Mtr1HomeOffset = M162/(I108*32)*16
Mtr2HomeOffset = M262/(I208*32)*16
Mtr3HomeOffset = M362/(I308*32)*16
Mtr4HomeOffset = M462/(I408*32)*16

// Home motors 1 - 4
I5111 = 2 While(I5111 > 0) EndWhile	; Force the command to execute

PLC_12_Running = 0
Disable PLC 12

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