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What is the recomended method for sharing the motor/amplifier database ?


I would like to have a master database that gets appended to for each system that we build and used that same database as we move forward.


Can the database be on a network drive ?


How do I transfer the complete database to multiple systems ?


Is there a Delta Tau database with common motor/amplifiers already defned ?




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The System Setup software for Power PMAC, comes with preloaded with all supported Delta Tau amplifiers (we will add Brick family later once we have a Power Brick product and will add Geo MACRO once we have MACRO support).


There are 2 other custom databases which are designed to hold your motor and amplifier data for future use on the same PC which they are entered. These 2 databases can be exported/imported from/to other PCs which have Power PMAC IDE installed. At the moment, there is no automatic support for updating a centralized database and has to be done manually. Although it's a nice suggestion, we (Delta Tau Data Systems, Inc.) will not be able to play host for this centralized database since we don't have a way to authenticate correct data submission by users. However, we MIGHT be able to do something if you want to define a SQL server or MySQL server to hold the data for your organization.



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