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Geo brick AF1 Fault


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I intended to replace an old Geo brick wich was running at the time of the replacement by a new unit.

I was unable to make work the new unit,I made the download butsuccesfull but the machine does not respond to the I/O´S .


So I put the old unit back and the AF1 comes up ?? How I can clear this fault?? The reset button does not work for this.

The manual says something about the frequency but the unit is the same.

So now I have a machine down

Please recomend or leave a phone number to call

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Make sure the new Geo Brick has the same hardware options as the old one. Then issue a $$$*** before downloading your saved configuration. Keep in mind that if your new Geo Brick has newer firmware than the old one, your configuration may not work. Specifically, your PLCCs cannot be transferred, as they are firmware-specific-compiled.


What do you mean "The manual says something about the frequency but the unit is the same"?


If you want to clear a fault on the Geo Brick, you can issue the "ampclrf" command (without the quotation marks).


If you are still having problems, call our Technical Support Hotline at 818-717-5656, 8 am to 5 pm PST.

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I send back the new Geo brick to fix,was burned at the 24 vdc input,since this; we found a short circuit in one sensor,that was the reason of the AF1 fault, into the manual of the unit explains over frequency , this cuould be due affects the DC link of the inverters.


The root cause of all this problem was the design of the machine power supply to the Geo brick and miscellaneos.


The Geo brick and all the I/O¨s shares the same 24 vdc, if something goes wrong on the i/o´s this hits the Geobrick.


I will install some kind of opto22 and an exclusive 24 vdc power supply only for the Geo brick.

Thank you guys for the support ,Richard,Stephen. Was a funny week.




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