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How to enable "c-axis mode"?


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how can I enable the "c-axis mode", if PMAC is in "manual work spindle mode"? I assume that's a machine specific problem. "C-axis mode" means I can control the motor through commands, but it's stiff if I try to rotate it manually. "Manual work spindle mode" means, move commands have no effect on the axis/motor, but I can easily rotate the axis by hand. I checked the value of variable Ix00, but it's 1 in "c-axis mode" and 1 in "manual work spindle mode".

According to the TYPE command, I'm using a PMAC Turbo2. PEWIN gives me that:


Turbo2, X8

Help is much appreciated.

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The terms "c-axis mode" and "manual work spindle mode" are not terms defined by Delta Tau in Turbo PMAC. These terms are defined by machine integrator and we need more information as far as control modes to be able to assist you. Ix00 is the Servo control register and as long as the motor is being utilized it is set to 1.



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