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We are using a rotary buffer for G- and M-codes. When we start our program, we fill this buffer at first with one G-Code and then with 15 M-Codes and then again with G-Codes.


Now, when I start (run motion prog), then the program "calculated" 10 lines of this M-Codes, make a break and then "eat" the rest of this 5 M-Codes.


I have no dwell, while..endwhile, wait statements in my prog 1001.


Why my program makes a break after 10 lines? Is this a setting of an I-variable? Or a multitasking problem?


Thanks for your help.



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Firmware version 1.939


We use prog 1000 for reading g-codes and for the movement in &2 (the program has over 2000 lines code), prog 1001 for reading m-codes. Then we use also at same time 3 other coordinate systems (&3, &5 and &12) in time base following mode, master is &2A axis.


My problem is: I start all program at same time (&2B0R, &3B42R, &5B43R and &12B45R). I need some settings in &12, it will be set with M-codes. My prog &12B45 goes faster through the code, as I am reading this 15 lines M-code.

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