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Probably the best way to handle this is to run a second motor with the identical trajectory but without the filter. You can tie both motors to the same axis (e.g. #1->X, #2->X) so they automatically use the same trajectory.


If you want, you can subtract the filtered command position of the first motor from the unfiltered of the second motor by treating the first motor's command position register like an absolute encoder used as a "master" for the second motor.


To do this, add an encoder conversion table entry that processes this command position register as "Parallel Y-word no filtering, unshifted" (Method $2, mode bit 1). For Motor 1's command position register, the first setup word would be $210088 (read Y:$88, process unshifted). The second setup word would be $018000 (use 24 bits starting at bit 0).


Fundamentally, this just shifts the data into an X-register where it can be used as a master position. If Motor 2 is the "high-pass" motor, I205 would be set to the address of the result ($35nn, or entered as @I80mm, for the address of the I-variable of the second setup word.) Set I207 to -1 to feed this into the second motor's net desired position register as a subtraction of the same scaling (this assumes that I108 and I208 scale factors are equal). Set I206 to 3 to enable the following superimposed on the commanded trajectory. Note that the reported position of this motor will show the trajectory commanded position only.

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