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Send message from Script/PLC program to Mono program


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I believe this was asked previously (maybe even by me??). You might do a search first to see whats out there.


I currently use an open a TCP socket server in C on the PPMAC and C#.NET socket client on a windows PC, but it should work on MONO as well (I haven't tested this yet, but if Mono doesn't supports Sockets I'd be very surprised).


Others have suggested using the Send() command from PPMAC and have a listener to retrieve the messages. I believe you would have to open a telnet connection and run the getsends command so that the Send() messages would be put out to stdout and therefore sent as text to the Telnet client connection. In some ways this is easier because the Server implementation is already handled on the PPMAC with the telnet (or ssh if you prefer) daemon. Delta Tau might have this prettied up in their communications software, you might ask about it. I chose to open my own socket because I wanted to leave the Send() command for us to use for our own debugging and such.



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