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How do I change my device's IP Address?

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NOTE: Before trying to change your Delta Tau Device's IP Address, make sure you have the latest version of PeWin32Pro2 installed. You can get it by going to our Downloads page , and then clicking "Select a Software"-->"PMAC Executive Pro2 Suite", and then clicking "Download". Before changing the IP Address, make completely sure PeWin32Pro2 is closed (i.e. not running) and PCommServer.exe is not running in the Processes shown in the Windows Task Manager (to access Windows Task Manager, hit Ctrl+Alt+Delete, and click "Task Manager" if Windows 7 or Vista, but in other versions of Windows Task Manager should come up automatically).


Making sure your USB cable is plugged into your computer, insert your USB cable's connector into the Delta Tau Device's USB connector. Then, Click on Start-->Programs-->PMAC Executive Pro2 Suite-->Delta Tau Common-->Configure Ethernet 100 BaseT. Then follow this procedure:


1. Select "TCP" under "Protocol".


2. Select your product type under "H/W Type". You should be able to find your device in the list, but for Clipper, select PC/104.


3a. Specify Gateway IP and Mask (usually the defaults of for Gateway and for Mask work).


3b. If using Brick products (Geo Brick Drive, Geo Brick LV, Brick Controller), hold down the BOOT SW button on the front of the product until after Step 8 is completed. If using Clipper, install jumper E8. If using Turbo UMAC CPU, put jumper E1 on for this process and remove after Step 8 is completed.


4. Under "IP Address," type in the IP Address you desire and click "Store IP" (see image below):




5. Click "Yes" when the program asks if you want to set up the registry:




6. Select the card instance you want. This number is arbitrary, and 0 works fine. This will be the device number in the list in PeWin's device list:




7. Click OK on the success dialog:




8. Click "Done" back on the original screen.


9. Cycle power (unplug and plug back in) your device. If using a Brick product, make sure you are not pressing in BOOT SW when powering up. If using Clipper, make sure you remove jumper E8 before powering back up. If using Turbo UMAC, make sure you remove jumper E1 before powering back up.


Note that if you are talking directly to PMAC through a crossover cable, you may need to change the IP address of your Ethernet adapter to correspond to PMAC's IP address. (If you connect to PMAC through a hub or switch or the like, you do not need to pay attention to the rest of this post). To do this, go to the Control Panel in Windows, then look for Network settings (e.g. Network and Sharing Center in Windows 7), then click "Change Adapter Settings". Right-click on the adapter you are using to connect to PMAC through a crossover cable, and then click "Properties".


Click "Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/IPv4)" and then click "Properties":



On the next screen, click "Use the Following IP Address" and then put in an IP Address similar to the IP Address you configured PMAC to use, except differing in the final digit. For example, if PMAC uses, you can set your PC's ethernet adapter to, or, or, etc., as long as the final digit is not 5 (because PMAC uses 5 for that digit). Then set the subnet mask to and click "OK":




You should be able to then add your EtherNet device in PeWin by clicking Setup-->Force All Windows to Device Number, then Insert, and then select the EtherNet device corresponding to the IP Address you just configured. Then click "Test" and then "OK" to connect to PMAC.


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Quick note here:


These instructions worked on our group's CPU board with a -106 revision, but _not_ with a -108 revision.


The symptoms were that the IP address would appear to program normally (with the usual 'IP address programmed to EEPROM, do you want to set up the registry?'), but the IP address didn't change.


It acted like a hardware or firmware problem.


After talking with tech support, I found that the boards of the -107 and later revisions need the E1 jumper installed for the IP address upgrades.


This is shown in the modern CPU/Comm board documentation where the E-point jumpers are explained, but not yet in the text that explains how the Ethernet addresses are changed.

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