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Can you use the PPMAC_INPUT and PPMAC_OUT blocks to access structures in the shared memory or do you have to use one for each element. I suspect the later because the support for passing of structures in SIMULINK seems to only have been implemented after version 7.6 (R2010b). It's just a pain to have to place a symbol for every element in the interface.


Also, I'm not sure if it has been fixed yet but the version of the DELTATAU PPMAC Library which we have has PPAMC_INPUT (instead of PPMAC_INPUT) --obviously not important.

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Having problems with the Real-Time Workshop coder for Matlab R2010b. The ertlib.tlc is trying to include file PPMAC_param_update.txt and the PPMAC_file_process.tlc file is trying to include PPMAC_param_mapping.txt but I have no idea where to get these files or, if I am to create them, what the format of these files is.
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The fastest solution is to open this file in MATLAB editor window:




and comment out the two lines that are including PPMAC_param_update.txt and PPMAC_param_mapping.txt. To comment out a line in the .tlc file you need to add %% at the beginning of the line.

These text files are used when you are doing Parameter tuning. I guess you are not, Are you?


The newest version of MATLAB component for Delta Tau Power PMAC Target will be out with the Power PMAC IDE release soon.

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It now comes with the IDE release which can be downloaded from




After Installing IDE, it will be at: C:\Program Files\Delta Tau Data Systems Inc\2.0\Power PMAC Suite\MATLAB Component depending on where you've installed it.


It can also be found in the forums, File Depot, under MathWorks® Simulink® Interface for Power PMAC Real-time routines,


).ziphttp://forums.deltatau.com/filedepot/download.php?f=Power%20PMAC/MathWorks%C2%AE%20Simulink%20Interface%20for%20Power%20PMAC/MathWorks%C2%AE%20Simulink%20Interface%20for%20Power%20PMAC%20Real-time%20routines%20(user%20servo%20code%20generation [FILE REMOVED]

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