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Loading project files without IDE


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I want to load project files (global includes, plcs, programs) to the Delta Tau without using the IDE.


1) Is there a command line utility on the PPMAC that I can run to load the entire project once the files are transferred there?




2) Does each file have to be loaded individually? Is there a reference for which command line program is used to load which file types (i.e. gpascii for plcs and motion programs)?

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Yes, should our PPMAC card be replaced, we are interested in loading a project onto the new card without having to use the IDE.


Best bet is to use a usb thumb drive - put a directory named:




in the root directory of this drive. Then put a backup config file in the directory. Power down, place this thumb drive in the power pmac, and power up. The new config will be loaded to the power pmac.



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I'm with you on the create a directory called "PowerPmacConfigLoad" on the thumb drive. How do we create the "backup config file". Does this backup config file include all files of the solution (CPLC, Configuration, Script Global Includes, Script Kinematic Routines, Script Libraries, Motion Programs, PLC Programs)?
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The best way to generate a backup is using the "backup/restore" tool available through IDE under Delta Tau>Tools>Backup Restore.




Follow these instructions:


1. Plug a blank USB stick to your Power PMAC which has the setup as you want to use as master.


2. Run the Backup Restore software.


3. Go to "Recovery Disk" tab.


4. Select the USB stick as your target drive (it will usually show up as media/disk-0)


5. Select the recovery option "Power PMAC Config Load". (You can select "Power PMAC Firmware Install & Config Load" in which case it will ask you for the firmware .deb file. This option will make sure the firmware is kept along with your backup for later use).


6. Select Active/Saved configuration as source. Selecting the "saved" configuration backs up what is saved in your flash disk of Power PMAC. selecting "Active" configuration, will backup the configuration from RAM so if you have changed anything since last power up/reset those changes will be included in the backup.


7. Click the "Proceed" button.




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