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Read Out data from PPMAC


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i need to get data, sampled in a ppmac, to a programm written in visual basic.


Problem is: i either need to get a lot of data at a time (like 40000 values) or i need to get the data transfered real fast (in the order of the ServoPeriod or 100 times the servoPeriod).


I want to display data in real time resolution sampled at 5kHz.


Hope there is a possibility.


Thank You in advance

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I would highly recommend writing your own custom driver using sockets (a "Capp" may work for your application).


We currently pull about 65k bytes of data from the PPMAC every 20 ms using our own custom socket driver. The fastest benchmark we were able to achieve was about 17 MBytes/s (direct Ethernet connection between PPMAC and peripheral).


To keep the CPU usage on the PPMAC down, I would recommend transferring larger amounts of data at slower rates (as opposed to transferring small amounts of data quickly).


Here are some links that I found useful for socket programming:




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Just to be sure I understand the question correctly:


1. You have something like 40000 data points that you want to transfer from Power PMAC to Windows PC.

2. These data points are generated at servo rate (either from a single source or multiple sources)

3. You have to display the data points at the same resolution of the sampling.


I have one question: If we gather all your data points on Power PMAC (we have enough space in RAM to hold the data, default setting is 1MB but it cal be increased to more than 128MB if needed) and later transfer them to Windows PC, lets say as a file over Ethernet, would it be a viable solution for you? Or do you need the data in real time?


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