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CPU ADC input for encoder conversion table


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I'm using Pmac2A/PC104 with OPT12. 12bits ADC input, I wish to use this input as the motor feedback device.


I did follow the instruction set the following

CPU Analog Inputs

I903 = 1746 ;Set ADC clock frequency at 4.9152 MHz

WX:$C014, $1FFFFF ;Clock strobe set for bipolar inputs

M105->X:$0710,12,12,S ;ADCIN_1 on JMACH1 connector pin 45

M205->X:$0711,12,12,S ;ADCIN_2 on JMACH1 connector pin 46


During set-up encoder conversion table, there are only "Acc28 A/D register (no rollover)" in conversion type. Source Address "$C005 PMAC2(ADC1A)"

But, I found that the value at position not tally to the value M105. The origin position feedback is 16 bits data, how to configure it to 12 bits?


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