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Recommend RPC package?


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Can anyone recommend an RPC (Remote Procedure Call) package for communicating between Linux and Windows? Polling for infrequent changes through GPascii seems less than desirable.




We toyed with a project called PPmacServer like this but it never gathered enough steam to become a production ready product.


Basically how it worked is we created a C# class PPmacClassLibrary.dll on the PowerPMAC that communicated directly to libppmac.so (the same library C apps used). That class was exposed over a .NET Remote TCP channel supplied by an application PpmacServer.Exe.


The user application on the PC also included the PPmacClassLibrary.dll


There are probable other methods to do accomplish RPC's but this is the one we tried thinking that most of our developers work with .NET


Attached is an early internal power point document we created on this methodology.

PowerPMAC Communication Library.ppt

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