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Power PMAC PCIe bus


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From the bottom of the edge connector to the top of the PCIe board, the maximum height that will fit directly in the connector is 3.25 inches. From the front of the PCIe board to the back of the PCIe board the maximum length of a board that will fit is 6.25 inches if there is a backplane UBUS connector behind the PCIe board.


However if there is not a connector behind the slot the maximum length would be 6.8 inches. The GE card is 2.7 x 6.6 inches which means it will fit.


To install the GE card would require that the Power UMAC CPU card be placed in the first slot of the rack so that there is no UBUS backplane connector to the left of the CPU board.


You just want to make sure that you work out the ordering logistics with your distributor so that there is extra room to the left of the first backplane slot. Normally the racks are constructed with the first backplane slot right next to the sheet metal of the rack.



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