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Non duplication of a "C" kinetic algo


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We are using CFromScript for our kinematic calculation.

The CFromScript is called in a script .kin with the links DeltaTau give us: KinPosMotor1… , KinPosAxisX…

This works fine.


We also use pmatch, pread, &1p… so we have the parameter “UserAlgo.CFunc = 1;” set as written (=1)


We also need to do kinematic calculations outside of the PPMAC standard “functions”/ “process”



We want to check that a commanded position X,Y…, send trough a “home-made” user-interface, is inside of the axes limits before launching the move.


For that we need to call the inverse Kinematic “function” from a script plc or from a C plc.


For the script:

How can we be sure that a call to the CFromScript function from one of our PLC, during a movement, will not interfere with the internal DetlaTau .kin script call.


For the “C”, is it possible:

-To use “.c” and “.h” code stored in the folder “Library” inside:

o CPLCs (bgcplc and rticplc)

o Realtime Routines

Or (going around if the use of « Library” is not possible):

o To call the « CfromScript » from CPLCs (bgcplc et rticplc)


Our wish is not to have to duplicate the kinematic code “manually”.

Thank you,

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According to one of our software engineers, the Libraries folder's code can be used in Background Programs and CPLCs, not Realtime Routines.


Instead of duplicating your kinematics code, you could just create a flag inside your CfromScript C routine to indicate that you want to run kinematics again. Then, call CfromScript during your PLC and pass it this flag. This should not interfere with the normal functionality of CfromScript as each call is its own instance of the function.

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