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Lookahead Buffer Sizing.


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The available memory for lookahead is 16777216 bytes. Is there a way to increase this?

From testing I have determined that each segment in the special lookahead takes 40 bytes base + 16 addition bytes for each axis defined in the CS. In addition, to use the lookahead time position reporting requires an additional 288 bytes for each buffered point. Apparently all 18 logical axes (a,b,c... yy,zz) are used in this buffer. Since my application will never use these double lettered axes (aa,bb,cc etc,) is there a way to disable them and reduce the memory requirements for TBuf to 144 bytes/lookahead point?


The Cutter Comp buffer is also a little heavy handed at 880 bytes/point, but I don't see needing more than 7 or 8 out of plane segments for my applications and can live with this.

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