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CfromScript() - Calling from a C Background-Programs


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I have CfromScript functions which work very well when i call them from Script or from Kinematic.

I try to call those functions from a C Background-Program (C-app application).

I get errors in the Compilation.


I put in my c-App code :

#include "../../Realtime Routines/usrcode.h"

double cr;

cr = CfromScript(1,0,0,0,0,0,0); // for test


cr = CfromScript(1,0,0,0,0,0,0,NULL);


and in usrcode.h there is at the moment:

#ifdef __KERNEL__



#define EXPORT_SYMBOL(x) // x

#define KERN_ALERT

#define printk printf


#include // Global Rt/Gp Externals and structures


double CfromScript(double arg1,double arg2,double arg3,double arg4,double arg5,double arg6,double arg7,LocalData *Ldata);




What is the correct call for declaring a call for CfromSript in C code ?

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Are you including the usercode.h with proper path in your background C program?


Yes Sina, as show above : #include "../../Realtime Routines/usrcode.h" ,

and with only this include (and no call to CfromScript) i have no build error.

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