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IDE - Folding/Outlining/Regions


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Dear all,

Did someone succeed to activate some Folding/Outlining/Regions in the IDE.

My code start to be quite long and as we can't have librairies in CPLC and RealtimeRoutines, i am looking for a way to quickly access the code section i want to reach.


#pragma region name




#pragma endregion Region_1


Thank you!!

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I do not know about regions in the code but you can have libraries in the latest releases of the IDE. And in earlier releases you could fake libraries by putting the code in header files which worked but is not so nice from a programmers point of view.
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Thank you Bradp,

I just made the test of calling some code (a basic counter) stored in the library folder.

It is working in:

-Background Programs / capps...

-CPLCs / bgcplc...

-CPLCs / rticplc...

It is NOT working in:

- Realtime Routines / usercode (CfromScript function)


What about Folding/Outlining ? Is it a Visual Studio license limitation ? Did someone succeed to add "AddIn" in the IDE or is it also a license limitation ? (we do not have any Visual Studio license).

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@symetrie: I am not from Delta Tau, but the programs under Realtime Routines cannot access shared libraries by default.


As an alternative you can take your library functions and add them in to the Realtime routines directly (e.g. duplicate the library functions in your usrcode).


Regarding folding/outlining, this feature is language specific in Visual Studio (e.g. specific to C#, VB, C++, etc) and I don't believe that Delta Tau has implemented this feature for C or Script languages. Perhaps Delta Tau can give you better information about whether this feature will be incorporated in future releases.

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