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Acc72e : Acces to the diagnostic flags


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I use a Acc-72e CanOpen master (base address Acc72E[2] =$E68000),


1) With Turbo, I use the "diagnostic flags" with :

pGlobal_Bits ($6D000 + ($1F40)/2 ) : M1000->Y:$6DFA0,16,8,U

pCAN_State ($6D000 + ($1F41)/2 ) : M1001->X:$6DFA0,16,8,U

pErr_node_Adr ($6D000 + ($1F42)/2 ) : M1002->Y:$6DFA1,16,8,U


Could you help me to convert them in PPmac ptr ?

Is there alias for those flags (not found) ?



2) How to send SDO messages in Acc72E[2].OutputMsg[0]

Could you explain me the right way to use flags to do that ?

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Thank you very much Brad,


1) Now it's ok for the diagnostic flags. The correct ptr for Acc72E[2] are :

Ptr pGlobal_bits->u.io:$E6FD00.24.8

Ptr pCAN_State->u.io:$E6FD20.24.8

Ptr pErr_node_adr->u.io:$E6FD04.24.8


2) If somebody knows how send individual SDO messages ?

We can write the message in Acc72E[2].OutputMsg[0] (and answer in Acc72E[2].InputMsg[0] ).

But, no informations are given in the Acc72e Turbo documentation (page 13), how to works the SDO handshaking (it's only given for PDO).

Probably we have to set the bit 'Cmd' in PmacFlags to send message. And test the bit 'Ack' in PmacGateway in order to know if the answer is came back ?

(For what use are the bits 'PMACAck' and 'Command' ?).

Additional information would be apréciated.

Thank you in advance.

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