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Gather/Plot of Q-Variables (Coord[n].xxx) always returns value of 0


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this was previously posted on the Bugzilla site:


Joe 2013-01-21 13:20:56 PST


When attempting to add a Q-Variable reference to a Detailed Plot by selecting, for instance, CSGlobal.qBusy (which IS defined) for C.S. #n, it will add the requested reference but always returns a value of 0(zero) when it is


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I got a same problem in gathering Coord[1].Q[0].


It should be a bug in Plot program.


When I added Coord[n].xxx, then Plot program set Coord[0].xxx .

It's the problem.


I checked Gather.Addr[x] and found out the address is changed

after I pushed "Gather Data" button in Plot program.


But, temporarily you can fix this problem with script plc etc.

(Don't start gathering with "Gather Data" button in Plot)


After you added items to gather, then check Gather.Addr[x].

If you push "Gather Data" and check Gather.Addr[x].


The address is changed like this


[Data to Sample]



[ in Terminal ]




"3190152032" is the address of Coord[0].Q[0]

you can check in Terminal.


[ in Terminal ]


Coord[0].Q[0].a=$be25db60 ; (3190152032 in decimal)


Plot program always uses Coord[0] as index.

It should be a bug.


My temporary solution is this.


1. Add Gather Items in Plot

- Coord[1].Q[0]

2. In your plc, write like this. ( or command sequentially in you termianl )



Gather.Addr[x] = Coord[1].Q[0].a

Gather.Enable = 2


3. After Gather is done.


Gather.Enable = 0


4. Then, "Upload Data" in Plot, and plot data.


It's just temporary solution.


It should be fixed in next update.


I hope you will succeed.

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