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Stop rotary thread on emergency


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The running of Programs with rotary buffer works perfectly in normal case.


I need stop it suddenly when running (on Emergency stop for example).

In this case, i send with a plc the followings commands :

"lh\ 1" and, when motors are stopped, "abort 1" and "&1 clear rotary"


Problem: the thread gpascii (which sends the program) is still running !!

To stop it the only way i found is to do :

"&1 delete rotary"

"&1 define rotary 2048" (to recreate the buffer)


Is it the only way to stop the gpascii thread or is there a best one ?




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This is not clear because I do not know how you making a rotary buffer. One way is to just open a normal GPASCII and send the commands open rotary. The other is using Gpascii -i switch. You have not said what you did.


For the first you have just a normal ascii communications thread and I do not see why you would want to stop that thread. Your host should know when to stop sending data and how to handel this situation.


When using GPASCII -i the thread is dedicated and must be killed from either the host or a CAPP. Most people who use this have to open another telnet or SSH link and when they want to stop the gpascii must kill the application from that other session.

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Thank you Brad,

I understood that, as i work with Gpascii -i, i have to kill the thread.

I initialize my rotary Gpascii with the command: "gpascii -2 -i/media/shared/_rotary.56k"


In order to kill this gpascii thread from Linux,

the only way i found is :

- send a linux command: ps –ef | grep "gpascii -2 -i"

- parse the answer for seek the PID of the thread (the number of a thread is named PID under Linux) .

- kill the thread with the command linux "kill xx" (xx= n° PID found)

Have you a better way to found the number of this thread ?


For information, i found two other ways to kill this thread :

- From the connection who send the gpascii -i command, send a character Ctrl-C (=$03)

- From a script Plc send: cmd "&n delete rotary"



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