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PLCs and kill, jog, cout with motor number in variable


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I'm having some issues with getting PLCs to programmatically kill a motor (that is, with its motor number in a variable -- I've tried L- or P- variables).

It would appear that jogging and open-loop output also do not work this way. Is this a bug or is there something that I'm missing?


open plc 8
   local m_exp;
   m_exp = 3;
   P2 = 3;

   // Either of these lines abort the PLC ("Stopped on an illegal script operation code")
   kill P2;
   kill m_exp;

   // These do the same:
   cout P2:100.0;
   cout m_exp:100.0;

   // These do not cause errors, but also do not attempt to jog to the position:
   jog P2=1.0;
   jog m_exp=1.0;


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