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Motor Motion error and Reset error


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We are having problems getting a power PMAC system up and running. This is not the first system. The hardware attached to the Power PMAC is the same as other systems we have running. This is an upgrade from a Turbo system. There are 2 24E2A cards, 1 11E card, and 1 28E card. All cards were purchased with the Power PMAC CPU. Back plane is being reused from the Turbo system. I am getting 2 different errors. We have tried 2 sets of cards with the same errors.


First error is that a $$$ sometimes results in a change to the servo and phase frequency and the loss of the PLCs. A second or third $$$ will restore everything. A full power cycle does not have the same problem.


The second error is on one of our motors. We have 4 motors, 2 motors are in a gantry setup. One of the non-gantry motors is having problems on closed loop. We have verified encoder direction and distance and are using the same settings as other working systems we have. Open loop works correctly. We switched back to turbo with the same ACC cards and have no problem with the motor.

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