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[Request] Power PMAC Basic PID Servo Algorithm Sample


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I want sample source code(C code, Formula or whatever) for "Power PMAC Basic PID Servo Algorithm".


Following image is in "Power PMAC User's Manual" 198p.

In this document, there is no sample code.

I have a difficult understanding Power PMAC controller..



I'll look forward to your reply.

Thank you.

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I did a simple C function a while ago based off of that block diagram just for fun. I haven't used it for anything, so it may have bugs. As a disclaimer, I don't work for Delta Tau so the way they do it and the way I did it may be completely different. I do remember having to guess at some of the variables, but I think I used most of them correctly.


Hope it helps!



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Dear CharlesP,


I've found that example.

But I think... the example(User written servo) is not matched with PID Controller in my picture...





Look on printed page 545 of the Power PMAC User's Manual whereupon there is an example in C.

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