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Dear all,

I would like to be able to upgrade a PPMAC from a USB key/SD card, without having the concerned PPMAC available.... (for distant project upgrad)

It means to be able to generate the folder "usrflash" without a PPMAC or with PPMAC witch have a different hardware configuration.

Thank you.

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At the moment the IDE will only create the files on a USB stick connected to a PPmac CPU. This will change in the furture. In the meantime you can manually copy the IDE project to a USB stick. Just look at what files are copied when the IDE makes a stick to get the proper idea then do the same manually.


You must be careful doing what you describe above if you use any C-code. C-code is compiled and if you use pointers in the C-code the compilation is dependent on the firmware version. You can not copy compiled c-code from a USB stick unless the compilation was done using the exact same firmware.


Also, if your project has references to hardware that does not exist on the target because you said there is a different hardware configuration. The project will get load errors when it is taken from the USB stick.

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Thank you Bradp,


1/ At the moment... & 3/ Also... :

Do you mean here to do a "No Device" build? When i do that i am not able to easily generate the usrflash tree of files.

So what i did is that i build and download on another PPMAC, then i copied the "/var/ftp/usrflash"...

As you said i got "load errors"... but i finally succeed.. with 2 exact material configuration.

A good way to check hardware config is the file "/var/ftp/usrflash/Database/pp_hardware.sym". At minimum, this file needs to be exactly the same..

If you have a way to generate a projet with a different hardware config, please let me know.. (upgrading the project but not the hardware config by mixing files.. or so..)


2/ You must... :

I understand the firmware compatibility. We will deal with that. I also did the test of putting:




It upgraded the firmware and my project (no idea in which order).

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I did not mean do a no device build. I meant to do as you did or just take files directly from the project location of the PC.


And yes you see the problem that if the hardware is not the same the system wil not load. And at the moment there is no automatic way around this, as you wrote you would need to make some manual changes.

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Bradp, it seems i have a recomposition of the "usrflash" folder that works. Do you have comments on this?:

1/ On the "destination" PPMAC, upload the « /var/ftp/usrflash » :

• From any working project, or

• Simply after: « $$$*** », « save », « $$$ ».

2/ On the "compilation" PPMAC,

• Build and download (during my test, the loading after download was successful, i don't know if it will also work if loading fails)

• Upload of « /var/ftp/usrflash » (no « save » needed)

3/ We now have 2 « usrflash » folder . We need :

• Take the « usrflash » folder from the "destination" PPMAC,

• Replace the « Project » folder by the one of the "compilation" PPMAC, this except the following files (which must come from the "destination PPMAC) :

o Project\Configuration\pp_default.cfg

o Project\Configuration\pp_diff.cfg

o Project\Configuration\pp_save.cfg

o Project\Log\pp_proj.log

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1. I think you should look through the PPmac training slides chapter 17 as you will find this interesting and helpful to know what happens on $$$, save, $$$***.


2. You have at least 2 steps or error checking. First build and download must succced. Then the data is sent to PPmac from the PC anf the projpp is executed to parse the files and build the data base. If this does not pass the data is removed from the var/ftp.


3. I do not understand what you mean by having 2 usrflash folders. Do you mean 2 on the var/ftp or something else?

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