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I'm trying to setup a simple gantry axis but when switching it off the motor jumps, why?

- i have two phantom motors #1 and #2

- all positions are 0

- #1j/#2j/

- #1hmz#2hmz

- set Motor[2].CmdMotor=1

- set Motor[2].ServoCtrl=8

- jog #1j=2000

- remove gantry Motor[2].ServoCtrl=1

==> Motor[2].Pos changes to 0, so I assume the real motor would jump

Why do I get a change in position back to 0?

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When a motor is a gantry follower it is getting its commanded position from the command motor. When you then set Motor[].ServoCtrl=1 while the control loop is running you are changing the commanded position of the motor from that of the command motor to its own trajectory planner. So you get a jump in commanded position.


The idea of a gantry motor is not to activate sometimes and deactivate other times and before we start figuring out tricks to make this work perhaps an explanation of what you are trying to accomplish would help us find the right way to accomplish it.

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