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IDE System Setup Program Bug


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I think I found a bug with the System Setup Program in the IDE.


After a factory default reset ($$$***), a system that contains Acc24E3 cards seems to default to a 4 channel setup, even if 2 channel cards are installed in the backplane instead.


When the System Setup Program is used to setup motors on the 2 channel Gate3 cards, some of the "Addressing" elements don't seem to get set properly, leaving these elements at their default 4 channel equivalent. See the attached jpg file for a screenshot from the Setup Variables applet right after using System Setup on a motor.


Most of the elements associated with commutation get setup correctly, but a few elements pertaining to flags don't get set, and can cause a little confusion when trying to home these motors.


Currently running IDE ver


(If this isn't the correct place to report this, please let me know).





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