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Configuration Identity Addresses and Config information


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Hi Jeff,


I'm not quite sure what you are asking for; could you give an example or perhaps clarify?


In the Ubus specification(2000) for TYPE24 addressing, CS16 addresses an identification register for board configuration information. This would be useful for on the fly identifying what options are installed in our system.

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You can get this data from I-variables. See the description of the following I-variables for this information and addressing details:

I4910 – I4925 Servo IC Card Identification

I4926 – I4941 MACRO IC Card Identification

I4942 – I4949 DPRAM IC Card Identification

I4950 – I4965 I/O IC Card Identification

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In the Power PMAC, there are many status elements with this information.


The Sys.GatexAutoDetect elements are bit fields showing the indices of cards of that type that are present.


The Sys.OffsetGatex elements tell the base address offsets of these cards, and Sys.OffsetGatexCid tell the card ID offsets.


There are Gatex.Part... status elements that provide specific info about the cards as well.


The Cid status elements provide additional information about each individual card broken out from the ID chip info.

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