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Can anyone give me an example about Ixx26?


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there is a brief explanation about Ixx26 in the training PPTs:


Ixx26 - Motor xx Home Offset [1/16 ct]

Specifies the difference between the zero position of sensors for the motor and the motor’s own zero “home” position.

An easy way to set this value is to write a PLC to wait for the user to position the motor as desired, and then capture the home offset positions when the user sets a flag.


can anyone give me an example PLC about how to use Ixx26?

thank you.


P.S. one macro station, one acc-242a, and one dc-brush motor.

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I assume that you can jog, and home your motor (say to the index pulse).


You don't really need a PLC to see how Ixx26 works. Follow these steps:

- Ixx26 = 0

- #nHM

- Kill (#nK) and position the motor by hand to where you would like the home position to be. You may jog it as well.

- Read the motor position in the position window in counts (or issue a #nP in the terminal window). Say this is 1,426 counts.

- Set Ixx26 = 1426 * 16

- Now issue a #nHM

The motor will now home to the desired location. Ixx26 should be saved to the PMAC eventually in order to home to this desired location after a power-up or reset.

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