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1.6 IDE System Setup Prog Crashes IDE


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I just installed the new IDE (v1.6) and went online with our development Pmac running firmware ver


If I'm online with the Pmac and try to open the System Setup Program from the 'Tools' menu, the IDE will crash. This happens every time I try to run System Setup.


All the other tools seem to work fine and I can build and download with no problems. I have the 1.6 IDE installed in a virtual XP environment and have the same problem.


Is this an IDE bug, or does the System Setup Program not play nicely with earlier firmware versions?


Operating system: Win7 64bit.

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Ok, that's kind of what I figured.


For the most part, we have standardized on firmware v1.5.8.0 for the Power Pmacs in our production equipment. Limiting our installations to a single firmware rev makes support allot easier. We don't need to maintain multiple PC's with different IDE versions, or try to document and/or remember which machine has what version of firmware.


If we stick with can we easily 'downgrade' new Power Pmacs that might arrive with the v1.6 firmware? Can we use the firmware upgrade tool to download an earlier firmware version to a Power Pmac controller, and not have to worry about bricking it?




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