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ask for connection of delta tau PMAC PC104 with HMI delta


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I'm tried connect delta tau PMAC PC104 delta HMI model:DOP-B04S211, but it's failed. i'm pretty sure on baud rate setting. My delta HMI just have RXD, TXD,GND, RTS and CTS. it's enough wiring connection to delta tau? because normally delta tau connect to PC through RS232 is used 7 wiring connection of 9 pin com port.

I have apply same wiring to delta HMI also failed.

I just want get advise on wiring connection between delta tau PMAC PC104 with delta HMI.

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Hi Steve,


RXD, TXD and RTS, CTS have reversed connect between HMI and delta tau.

I have found that if HMI connect to PC, hyperterminal can receive ASCII send from HMI like "P2=12".


When select communication setting to CTS and RTS flow control on HMI, it's appear "ERR004" error message from delta tau after press send button "P2=12".


If communication setting on HMI set as no flow control, HMI click send button "P2=12" to delta tau, delta tau P-variable P2 has no changing and no error message pop up.


Look like delta tau cannot recognize command from HMI. because I can change the P2 value through PEWIN32Pro2 software or hyperterminal without any problem. I have tried the HMI send ASCII to other controller and it's work. I just confusion that why this HMI cannot work on delta tau. Do you have any idea on it?

communication setting.zip

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