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Ashish Navale

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You can download the Modbus training slides here: http://forums.deltatau.com/filedepot/download.php?f=Turbo%20PMAC/Training%20Documents/Modbus/Modbus%20TCP%20training.ppt [FILE REMOVED]


More Modbus related documents can be found in FileDepot>Turbo PMAC>Training Documents>Modbus

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Thank you sir,


i did all setting according to modbus setup configuration....

i am using coupler + 16Do module +end module

As per the slide do will read at address I67+$95

Means my io will read on

e.g i67=$10700

then DO address will start from I67+ $95=$x:10795

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Thank you Sir ,


But i did all possible settings but i can,t proceed i am using wago 750-352 coupler+750-1504 16 DO module+ end module

modbus setting are as below


Addr off=112

active socket 1

geobrick ip address

wago module ip:


modbuf ref=0

pmac ref=0


update commd 0

update pmac

in modbus setup.

in pmac for forcing coil from pmac

i assign addr to m variable as below



and from terminal window i gave value



but coil are not activate.....

i tried checked for next 10780-10980

but coil not activate.......


is their another setting or i have write any program in geobrick


please guide me .......

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Thank you sir,


previously also tried fc=5 with count=0,but didnt work

i tried with both cmd


mod ref =0

pmac ref=0

count=1.................for single coil

m6070->x:$10780,0,1 .....for coil on/off




mod ref =0

pmac ref=0

count=16.................for multiple coil



let me try once again......


thank you.

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Thank you sir,


i read all notes and tried to setup connection between PMAC and PC with modbus slave software for this i used standard ethernet cable .

i having UMAC controller + PC

UMAC and PC comm on Ethernet cable

According to excel sheet (PMAC modbus client master..tab)


i did setting accordingly


but modbus slave soft gives error...cannot assign requested address.... error 10049

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Good Idea to use Modbus Slave software.


The error your reported is common error reported by windows. You can google this and get below:




It means that your PC can't see that IP address.


1. You have put in the wrong IP address for the PMAC into mobus slave software.

2. Your computer is on a different sub-net from the PMAC.


Tell me what the IP Address for your PMAC is ?

What is IP address of your PC it is talking to ?

- they must have the first 3 values matching

- example: both must be same like this 192.168.0.xxx

- the xxx must be different, but the first 3 values must be same


Also to test... go to a Dos Prompt on your PC and use the Ping command. Example if you PMAC is at IP then go to Dos prompt and type "ping" and see if it suceeds, if it does not then either you are not connected or the IP address is wrong, or the IP's are not on same subnet (first 3 values the same).

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Thank you sir ,

i got solution for this but i saw it not update values every time i have to assign value to register

e.g i did set up for write 4 coils

timer =1



update pmac.....

reg 1 m1000->x:$10780,0,16

reg 2 m1001->y:$10780,0,16

reg 3 m1002->x:$10781,0,16

reg 4 m1003->y:$10781,0,16


while updating value to this register every time i have to assign values to reg then save and $$$ cmd to see this values in MODBUS Slave software .......


any way i have to read modbus on PC and its solve means i am confident on our device sending correct values to modbus slave software.


once again Thank you to all.

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