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Override abort input signal on GeoBrick-LV


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Is there any way of overriding the abort input on a GeoBrick-LV?


With I35 set to 1, the system goes into the abort state as expected when the abort input is triggered. However, setting I35 to 0 does not override the abort input. The only way I've found so far to recover from this condition is to remove the abort input condition or reset the controller using $$$.

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Hi wlewis

my insiders at DLS tell me that with i35=0 you can manually toggle the abort bit at y:$6 bit 0.

you can read the bit in the gloal status word.


when i35 is set to 1 toggling the input toggles the state of the abort bit

when i35 is set to 0 input changes are not recorded in the global status word, but as above you can manually force the bit with say an m variable sunbstitution


a suitable sequence might be ( if hitting a switch has caused the input to break)


set I35 = 0 ; set M(abort) = 0 ; drive away from the switch; reset i35=1

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